“Krisis and Kairos” from Isaiah 65:17-25 and Luke 17:20-23

God’s ways will unfold in the world, in ways we do not know.  Can not know.  May we participate in that unfolding, though, in this day’s intersection of krisis and kairos (turning points and present urgency) in many ways and places.  The time is urgent.  We are vulnerable.  The world is as well.  We need to let the krisis of our times and the kairos of our God meet in our hearts.  Because the reign of God depends upon our inner lives…what lies within…and how we show up with it in the world.  All the time trusting the Mystery that is God and their timing.
Or, as the horse told the boy in today’s children’s story, “Just take this step.  The horizon will look after itself.”
–Rev. Ruth Moerdyk